Welcome to "The Captain Miller Band "website. 

           We'd like to tell you a little bit about the band. The band itself has only been together for about four years now, but most of the musiicians have been playing for many many years. We may be a bit older than some bands, but experience and musicianship prove that older can be better. We are a classic rock band, with 2 guitarists, a bass player, drummer and a keyboard player. We believe that we still have some rock and roll left in us, so we're gonna kick it up a notch, and give our audiences a little more to stomp their feet to.

             It's still great to be on stage and give enjoyment to everyone listening. We take great pride in our musicinship, and especially our vocals and harmonies. Many of the songs we play are by bands that have good harmonies, such as C.S.N. Kansas, America, etc.

            We hope  you get a chance to come to our gigs, and have some fun.

            Browse the site and get to know us better .

                                                 (front row)  JIM  &  JAY 

                                           (back row) JERRY ANGE JERRY                                      

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